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Woolen (うーるん Ūrun?) is a recurring character in the Puzzle Bobble series. She is a slightly vain young sheep girl who is a good friend of Bub's. Woolen first appeared in Puzzle Bobble 2, and has since gone on to appear in numerous other entries in the series.



Woolen is a pink-wooled girl with sheep-like characteristics. Her hair is pink, and she has two large horns affixed to her head. Her torso is covered in wool, and she wears a bell around her neck. From Puzzle Bobble 4 onwards, she is depicted with hooves, unlike her original appearance in Puzzle Bobble 2 where she appears to have normal human feet. In Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!, the bottom fringe of the wool around Woolen's torso is colored white, with the pink section being much less fluffy, giving her clothing a more pronounced dress-like shape.


Woolen is stated to be a bit of a narcissist who loves the color pink, and is generally shown as being rather carefree and playful. She thinks of herself as "the cutest on all of Rainbow Island", and loves cute and pretty things. However, she is said to dislike prickly things. Woolen appears to have a crush on Bub, frequently flirting with him and serving as Peb's rival for his affections. Judging from her room in Puzzle Bobble 4, it can be assumed that one of Woolen's hobbies includes knitting as she has barrels and baskets of wool with knitting needles sticking out.


Woolen can curl up and envelop herself in a ball of wool, as well as being able to fire a heart-shaped wave to attack her opponents.


Puzzle Bobble 2[]

Woolen is the third opponent in the Player vs. Computer mode of Puzzle Bobble 2. Before the battle, she winks at Bub, causing him to blush. She is fought in a field area.

Woolen is playable in the game's Puzzle mode if the player holds the start button and right on the joystick during the map screen.

Puzzle Bobble 3[]

Woolen has a small cameo in Puzzle Bobble 3, appearing in the background of Priccio's stage as a capsule toy.

Puzzle Bobble 4[]

Woolen appears as an unlockable secret character in the console version of Puzzle Bobble 4. She is unlocked by winning five rounds in a row in the game's Win Contest mode.

Super Puzzle Bobble[]

Woolen is a playable character in Super Puzzle Bobble. If selected in Player vs. Computer, she runs up to Bub as he was about to leave with Chack'n to stop the Time Eaters, wanting to play, and ends up accompanying him and Chack'n on their journey.

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble![]

Woolen appears as a playable character in Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!. In the game's story mode, she is encountered in Rainbow Town, where she is seen taking selfies while using the bubbles that have spread throughout rainbow island as a backdrop. Bub, Bob, Peb, and Pab resolve to pop all the bubbles except the ones around her due to her enjoying their presence. However, Woolen then proceeds to drag Bub off on a date to show him around town, leaving the other three Bubble Dragons behind. She later appears alongside the other characters during the final part of the game, helping to take down Katze and helping manage the Miniroons alongside Maita while the others create a cure.

In the cutscenes of the EX Stages of the game's Rainbow Town chapter, Woolen inexplicably begins to appear visually differently to Bub, much to his confusion. This is represented by Woolen's character portraits being depicted in a more detailed and proportionally realistic depiction of Woolen in a contemporary anime style, resembling a character from a Japanese visual novel or dating sim. It is later revealed that this is the result of Woolen acquiring a potion that solely alters the way Bub perceives her appearance, though its effects eventually wear off.