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The Thunder Bubble (サンダーバブル Sandā Baburu?) is a recurring type of Special Bubble in the Bubble Bobble series. When popped, Thunder Bubbles release a small bolt of lightning, which defeats any enemies it comes in contact with. The bolt flies horizontally across the screen, in the opposite direction that the player is facing when the bubble is popped. Typically, Thunder Bubbles only appear alongside naturally spawning bubbles, however, it is possible for the player to blow if they obtain of a Drug of Thunder, which typically only appears during boss battles.


Thunder Bubbles resemble regular bubbles with a prominent lightning bolt in the center. Upon being popped, the bubble releases the lightning bolt, typically defeating any enemy it makes contact with, or in the case of a boss, damaging them. The bolt is able to travel through platforms to reach enemies that are difficult to defeat by normal means. The lightning bolt typically travels in the opposite direction as the one the player is facing after popping the bubble.

The color of the bubble varies depending on which Bubble Dragon it was blown by, though like most Special Bubbles in the series, it is typically green by default to match with Bub's color scheme. In Bubble Bobble 4 Friends, Thunder Bubbles do not have a lightning bolt in the center, instead appearing as yellow bubbles that crackle with electricity.


Bubble Bobble[]

Thunder Bubbles first appear in Bubble Bobble, spawning alongside normal bubbles in certain levels. When popped, they release a small bolt of lightning that travels across the screen. When an enemy is hit by the bolt, they drop a Yellow Diamond. Bub and Bob can also obtain a Drug of Thunder on the final level, which allows them to blow Thunder Bubbles.

Parasol Stars[]

Thunder Bubbles reappear in Parasol Stars, albeit in the form of giant Drops. The player can create one by collecting enough Thunder-elemental Drops on his parasol.

Bubble Bobble Part 2[]

Thunder Bubbles appear again in Bubble Bobble Part 2, behaving identically to their appearance in Bubble Bobble. Unlike their previous appearances, enemies do not drop diamonds when hit by the lightning bolt in this game.

Bubble Bobble Junior[]

Thunder Bubbles appear once again in Bubble Bobble Junior, behaving identically to their appearance in Bubble Bobble Part 2.

Bubble Symphony[]

Thunder Bubbles reappear in Bubble Symphony, once again behaving exactly the same as in previous games.

Puzzle Bobble[]

Thunder Bubbles appear in the 1P Play mode of the console version of Puzzle Bobble. If popped, they send out a bolt of lightning that clears any bubble directly horizontal to one side of their position. The direction the bolt travels is dependent on which direction the player's bubble makes contact with it from, with the bolt always releasing on the opposite side.

Bubble Memories[]

Thunder Bubbles make another appearance in Bubble Memories. Due to the addition of the game's Giant Bubble mechanic, the player is now able to blow giant-sized Thunder Bubbles after obtaining a Drug of Thunder. The giant bubbles behave similarly to their regular sized counterparts, unleashing a proportionally-sized bolt of lighting that travels horizontally across the screen.

Classic Bubble Bobble[]

Thunder Bubbles appear once again in Classic Bubble Bobble, behaving identically to most of their previous appearances.

Bubble Bobble Revolution[]

Thunder Bubbles make another appearance in Bubble Bobble Revolution. Unlike most other appearances, the bubbles themselves have a yellow tint in this game.

Bubble Bobble Double Shot[]

Thunder Bubbles reappear in Bubble Bobble Double Shot. After obtaining a Crystal Ball, Bub is able to create Thunder Bubbles by trapping enemies in bubbles, an effect somewhat analogous to the Drug of Thunder.

Bubble Bobble Plus![]

Thunder Bubbles appear yet again in Bubble Bobble Plus!, behaving as they did in the original Bubble Bobble.

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends[]

Thunder Bubbles reappear in Bubble Bobble 4 Friends, now able to be blown by the player without the use of a Drug of Thunder as part of the game's Gear system. If the player has the Thunder Bubble skill equipped, they are freely able to blow Thunder Bubbles until they run out of energy. The Thunder Bubbles featured in Bubble Bobble 4 Friends differ visually from most of their previous appearances, as they now resemble normal bubbles with a yellow tint that crackle with electricity. Their effect also differs from most appearances, with the bubbles unleashing a massive horizontal burst of lightning that immediately spreads across the length of the stage, instantly defeating all enemies in its path.