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This article is about the Arcade game. For the console version with the same name in Japan, see Super Bust-A-Move.

Super Puzzle Bobble (スーパーパズルボブル Sūpā Pazuru Boburu?) is an arcade puzzle game in the Puzzle Bobble series developed by Taito and released in 1999.


Super Puzzle Bobble's gameplay is relatively the same as previous entries. However, it introduces several new features and elements to the series. These include smaller bubbles for the player to hit small areas, big bubbles which change every bubble color in the level to itself, and blocks which can move the pointer to different areas on the board.


While Bub and Bob were living a peaceful life in Pao Pao Island, Chack'n visits them and warns them that the Tree of Life is being attacked by Time Eaters and would be killed by them. Upon hearing of these words, Bub travels with a partner selected by the player to defeat them and reveal the person behind the attack.


Playable Characters[]

Non-playable characters[]


  • Super Puzzle Bobble is the only arcade entry in the Puzzle Bobble series that was never ported to a console.