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Super Drunk Jr. (すーぱーどらんくJr.ジュニア Sūpā Doranku Junia?) is the main antagonist and final boss of Bubble Bobble for the Game Boy. He is a giant Drunk who kidnapped the four spirits who guard the spring of the Moon Water in order to keep it for himself. As his name indicates, Super Drunk Jr. is very similar to Super Drunk, the main antagonist and final boss of the original Bubble Bobble, but any relation the two have is unspecified.



Super Drunk Jr. resembles an ordinary member of his race, albeit much larger in size. Like most Drunks, he is clad in robes, has rosy cheeks, and wields a cane.


Super Drunk Jr. is described as being selfish and thuggish, as shown by his kidnapping of the four spirits in order to keep the Moon Water for himself.


Super Drunk Jr.'s abilities are likely similar to his predecessor's, though he is not explicitly stated to wield magical powers. Like Super Drunk, his primary attack is throwing out a wave of whiskey bottles at his opponents.


Bubble Bobble (Game Boy)[]

Super Drunk Jr. serves as the main antagonist in Bubble Bobble for the Game Boy, being responsible for kidnapping and sealing the four spirits that protect the Moon Water spring in Nemonemo Forest in order to keep the Moon Water for himself. This causes Bub to set off to defeat him and revive the spring in order to cure Bobby's illness, which developed after the spring was drained.

He acts as the final boss of the game, behaving nearly identically to how Super Drunk did in the original Bubble Bobble. After defeating him, Bub frees the Spirit of the Water, returning the Moon Water to the spring and curing Bobby of his ailment.