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This article is about the specific variety of bubble. For the overall type of bubbles with special abilities, see Special Bubble.

The Special Bubble (スペシャルバブル Supesharu Babaru?) is a rare type of bubble appearing in several games in the Bubble Bobble series. When obtained, it replaces the player's bubble-blowing ability with a set number of fireballs that defeat enemies on contact, similar to the effects of a Cross of Fire. Special Bubbles are extremely rare in the games that they appear in, usually having a 1 in 4096 (0.02%) chance of appearing.


The Special Bubble is a red bubble with a pulsating light contained in the center. The light fluctuates between a cross shape and a diamond shape. Upon being popped, the bubble grants the player the ability to breathe fireballs in place of bubbles, which will defeat most enemies they make contact with.


Bubble Bobble[]

The Special Bubble first appears in Bubble Bobble, having a chance to appear on any stage featuring naturally generated bubbles. It has a 1 in 4096 chance of being generated, and as such, is exceedingly rare. Popping the bubble grants the player the ability to breathe fireballs in a manner nearly identical to the Cross of Fire, though the amount of fireballs the player is able to generate is far greater.

By default, the effects of the Special Bubble is equivalent to obtaining six Crosses of Fire, and if the player does not lose a life while its effects are active, they will be able maintain the effect for five rounds.

Puzzle Bobble[]

Special Bubbles appear in the console version of Puzzle Bobble, exclusively spawning in the game's Challenge Mode, which presents the player with an endlessly generating field of bubbles which they must continue to clear for as long as they are able. The Special Bubble will only appear in the player's cache of bubbles which they are able to fire, but is extremely rare, much like its appearances in the mainline Bubble Bobble series. Its effects are identical to that of the Star Bubble that would later be featured in the series starting with Puzzle Bobble 2, immediately popping all bubbles of the same color as the one it makes contact with.

Special Bubbles retain their function in the game's other modes, though they will not appear without the using of a hacking tool or other similar device.

Bubble Symphony[]

The Special Bubble appears in Bubble Symphony, retaining its role from the original game.

Bubble Memories[]

The Special Bubble appears again in Bubble Memories, still possessing the same behavior as its original appearance.

Bubble Bobble: Old & New[]

The Special Bubble appears in Bubble Bobble: Old & New, appearing under the same conditions as its appearance in the original Bubble Bobble.

Bubble Bobble Plus![]

The Special Bubble appears once again in Bubble Bobble Plus!, still maintaining the same behavior as its first appearance.


  • The Special Bubble is also informally known as the "MTJ Ball", referencing Bubble Bobble creator Fukio Mitsuji's pseudonym while working at Taito. The "MTJ Ball" design has featured in numerous other games that Mitsuji worked on, originally appearing as a rare item in Halley's Comet. The "MTJ Ball" design was once again used for the Rainbow Special item in Rainbow Islands, and it later made appearances in Syvalion and Volfied, serving as an extremely rare and powerful item in both titles.