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Space Bust-A-Move, known as Space Puzzle Bobble (スペースパズルボブル Supēsu Pazuru Boburu?) in Japanese, and released in Europe as Puzzle Bobble Galaxy, is a puzzle game for the Nintendo DS developed by Lancarse and published by Taito. It is part of the Puzzle Bobble series, and was released in 2008.


Bub and Bob are living peaceful lives on Rainbow Star when a capsule falls from space, landing on the planet's surface. It projects a holographic message from Snown, who has been taken prisoner by Develon. He requests Bub and Bob's aid in finding the Cosmo Bubbles that have been scattered across the universe in order to stop Develon and rescue him. The two Bubble Dragons journey around the galaxy, finding the Cosmo Bubbles and helping the planet's inhabitants along the way.


Space Bust-A-Move features gameplay similar to the rest of the series, with the player's goal being to match bubbles into sets of three or more in order to pop them. The player fires the bubbles from an arrow at the bottom of the screen. There are a number of different modes the player can choose from, as well as a shop that allows the player to customize the appearance of the bubbles they use as well as their arrow. There are a variety of modes of gameplay to select from.

The main campaign of the game is in its story mode, which features the player controlling Bub and Bob as they visit various planets in order to collect the Cosmo Bubbles and save Snown. Each world features three stages with five rounds each, as well as a boss battle at the end. Each regular stage also features a number of Cosmo Bubbles the player must collect by causing it to fall by popping the bubbles around it of a different color, as the bubble will not be collected if it is popped.

The game's versus mode allows the player to control one of the game's playable characters, facing off against the other characters through seven rounds of gameplay. The goal is to clear bubbles in order to fill the opponent's screen with bubbles in turn, with a number of special items being obtainable to assist the player.

Endless mode features the player having to continuously pop bubbles in order to collect as many points as possible until they get a Game Over. The game also features a challenge mode, which requires the player to gain as many points as possible in a certain amount of time.

There are three additional extra modes that are purchasable from the game's shop with in-game currency, earned by playing the other modes of gameplay. In Pressure Mode, the player has to clear thirty stages, each consisting of five rounds. In each round, the player will have only five seconds to launch a single bubble to pop all the other bubbles. Puzzle Mode has the player being tasked to clear a fixed pattern of bubbles. Lastly, Factory Mode requires the player to use a limited number of bubbles of certain colors, which they must utilize to clear the stage.


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