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Snown (スノーン Sunōn?) is a character appearing in Space Bust-A-Move. He is a mysterious being with a connection to the Cosmo Bubbles who was captured by Develon as part of his plan to conquer the universe.



Snown is a small pale-skinned creature with long cyan hair, appearing somewhat androgynous in nature. He has bright blue eyes and wears a blue hat with edges resembling cat ears, a white fur trim around the button, and a white pom-pom on the top. Snown is clad in a dark blue and light blue garment with a fur trim around the top and bottom, a gold bangle with a blue gem inside wrapping around just below the top trim.


Snown is depicted as kind, noble and selfless, sacrificing himself to stop Develon at the cost of his own life.


Snown has been shown to be able to grant wishes. He is also able to utilize the power of the Cosmo Bubbles in an offensive fashion, using them to stop Develon and destroy the giant dark bubble he created with a massive flash of light.


Space Bust-A-Move[]

Snown Cutscene 1

Snown's plea for rescue from his captivity.

In Space Bust-A-Move, Snown is captured by Develon, who seeks to collect the Cosmo Bubbles and conquer the universe, planning to use their power to remove the hopes and dreams of everyone across the galaxy. Snown manages to send out a space capsule he is able to communicate through, which eventually lands on Rainbow Star. Hearing Snown's plea for help, Bub and Bob set out to gather the Cosmo Bubbles and free the mysterious stranger from Develon's clutches.

Snown Cutscene 2

Snown leaping into action to defeat Develon.

Eventually, Bub and Bob manage to make their way to Cosmo Castle, where Snown is being held prisoner. The two manage to battle and seemingly defeat Develon, but Develon manages to create a giant bubble of darkness in an attempt to finish them off. Seeing this, Snown uses the Cosmo Bubbles and flies into Develon's bubble, destroying it in a massive flash of light and finally defeating the villain. However, this was at the cost of Snown's life, and he falls to the ground in front of the duo, thanking them and offering to grant a single wish as he fades away. Tearfully, Bub and Bob wish for Snown to live, restoring him to health. Snown flies up and happily thanks the duo, and Bub and Bob return home, having brought peace to the universe once more.