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Robolun (ロボルン Roborun?) is a playable character appearing in Bubble Bobble Revolution. He is a robotic Bubble Dragon, and one of two unlockable characters, along with Lovelun.



Robolun is a robotic Bubble Dragon with a silver body. He has two large yellow eyes and red feet. Unlike most normal Bubble Dragons, Robolun does not posses spines of any kind, but is still able to pop bubbles despite this.


Much like most normal Bubble Dragons, Robolun is able to to shoot bubbles, despite not having a mouth. If the bubbles make contact with an opponent, they get trapped inside, allowing Robolun to pop the bubble in order to defeat them. Along with utilizing the bubbles to attack foes, Robolun is also able to jump on them in order to reach new heights.

Robolun is able to move much faster than the other playable characters in Bubble Bobble Revolution, but cannot jump as high. He is able to charge his bubbles in order to create a massive bubble to trap multiple enemies inside, a technique known as the Charge Bubble (チャージバブル Chāji Baburu?). In addition to this, the Charge Bubble can also bounce off of walls. After doing so, if the Charge Bubble collides with Robolun, he will enter it and perform the Rolling Bubble (ローリングバブル Rōringu Baburu?) technique, which allows him to charge into enemies and defeat them.


Bubble Bobble Revolution[]

Robolun appears in Bubble Bobble Revolution as an unlockable playable character. He is unlocked by beating the game once, and is able to move noticeably faster than the other characters. The player must clear the game with him in order to unlock Lovelun.