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This article is about the character from Bubble Bobble Junior. For the boss from Rainbow Islands, see Super Isaac'n.

Robby (ロビー Robī?), also known as Bubblun Jr. (ばぶるんJr.ジュニア Baburun Junia?), is the main character of Bubble Bobble Junior. He is a young warrior from a bloodline of Bubble Dragons who sets out to rescue the people of his village from the demon king Great Skel.



As a Bubble Dragon, Robby appears nearly identical to Bub, being green in coloration with yellow spines, pink arms and legs, and a white stomach area, with a single visible tooth in the upper part of his mouth. Due to Bubble Bobble Junior being in black and white, this is not evident in-game, and his sprite is shown in monochrome.

As a human, Robby greatly resembles Bubby, wearing overalls and having slightly tousled hair.


Robby's personality is not expanded upon much, but it is shown that he is dedicated to his training as a warrior, having embarked on a training journey prior to the events of Bubble Bobble Junior. He is also mentioned to be confident in his abilities, willing to risk himself in order to help his fellow villagers using his Bubble Dragon powers.


Like most Bubble Dragons, Robby is able to produce and fire bubbles from his mouth, an ability he utilizes to trap enemies in order to defeat them. Additionally, he is able to charge up his bubbles to perform two different techniques. The first of these techniques, Aerial Movement (空中移動 Kūchū Idō?), allows Robby to encase himself in a bubble, allowing him to float upwards and access areas he normally would not be able to. The second, the Bubble Charge Attack (あわため攻撃 Awa Tame Kōgeki?), allows him to charge and release a massive bubble that can trap multiple enemies in bubbles at once.

Robby appears to possess the unique ability to change into a Bubble Dragon at will due to his ancestry, unlike most instances in the series where Bubble Dragons are depicted as humans afflicted with a curse.



Not much is known about Robby's past, aside from him being a warrior who hails from a bloodline of Bubble Dragons. At some point prior to the events of Bubble Bobble Junior, he set out on a journey to train, which kept him away from his village for some time.

Bubble Bobble Junior[]

Robby serves as the sole playable character in Bubble Bobble Junior, having returned from his training journey to realize that the people of his village had been kidnapped by the resurrected demon king Great Skel. Determined to rescue his friends, Robby transforms into a Bubble Dragon form known as Bubblun Jr. in order to defeat the monster and rescue his friends. Along his journey, he encounters a fairylike knight creature who gives him the three keys to open the gates of the demon king's fortress. Eventually, after fighting many monsters across his long journey, he reaches Great Skel's castle, engaging the demon in combat. Robby emerges victorious in their battle, managing to free the villagers, and is then transformed back into a human by the fairylike knight creature.