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The Rainbow Tower (レインボータワー Reinbō Tawā?) is a recurring location in the Bubble Bobble series, first appearing in Bubble Memories as the game's primary setting. It is a tower located on Rainbow Island that serves as a symbol of peace, and is used to monitor the island and protect its inhabitants from harm. Sealed inside of the tower is the Rainbow Potion, an item that can turn people cursed to become Bubble Dragons back to their human forms. The tower has a dark counterpart known as the Tower of Darkness that lay sunken beneath the sea until it was risen by the Super Dark Great Dragon.


Rainbow Tower Diagram

A diagram of the Rainbow Tower from Bubble Memories

The Rainbow Tower is an enormous tower with a rainbow-colored exterior. It has eighty floors, and several Secret Rooms hidden throughout it. It features a number of mechanisms and traps that allow the tower to produce bubbles.

In Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!, the inside of the Rainbow Tower is shown with numerous rainbow-colored decorative elements on its walls, with giant gears that serve as part of the tower's various mechanisms embedded throughout. The center of the tower features a giant spiraling glass staircase inside of a tube, which circles around another tube filled with bubbles of all colors.


Bubble Memories[]

The Rainbow Tower first appears in Bubble Memories. In the game, the Super Dark Great Dragon splits the Rainbow Potion into seven pieces and seals himself inside of the tower after transforming the inhabitants of Rainbow Island into Bubble Dragons. Bub and Bob set out to ascend the tower in order to defeat the Dragon and return everyone back to human form.

Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure![]

The Rainbow Tower reappears in Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure!. Bubby and Bobby ascend the tower in order to wish upon Holly's Comet, but are pursued by Dr. Crescent, who wishes to prove that his scientific skills are superior to magic.

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble![]

The Rainbow Tower appears in Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!, serving as the location of the game's Endless Mode. In this game, the tower has been infested by Skel-Monstas, leading to it being known as Skel Tower (すかるタワー Sukaru Tawā?) in this appearance.

The English version of Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! refers to the tower as the Baron's Tower, due to Skel-Monsta's name being localized as "Baron von Blubba".

Other Appearances[]

Bub's Puzzle Blast[]

The Rainbow Tower makes an appearance in Bub's Puzzle Blast, appearing at the back of the game's village hub area.


  • A tower resembling the Rainbow Tower appears in Pop'n Pop on the game's world map.
  • In the North American version of Bubble Memories, Bubby and Bobby are stated to live inside the Rainbow Tower, however, this appears to be a mistranslation, as the Japanese version does not mention this.