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Rainbow Islands Revolution, known as New Rainbow Islands (ニューレインボーアイランド Nyū Reinbō Airando?) is game developed by Dreams and released by Taito in 2005 for the Nintendo DS. It is a sequel to Rainbow Islands which features Bubby riding in a bubble that the player must control using the Nintendo DS's touch screen.


The player has to drag Bub around using the stylus. Contact with enemies or dangerous objects such as spikes causes the player to lose a heart. When all hearts have been lost, the player loses a life and must begin the level anew.

When the player drags the stylus anywhere on the screen that isn't Bub, the player can create a rainbow. The rainbow serves as a barrier through which enemies can't cross. If the rainbow is drawn over an enemy, the enemy is killed. Additionally, when the player taps a rainbow, it falls down removing any enemies that lie below.

The player can also draw some special shapes which create rainbows with special effects.


In Story Mode, collect all 7 jewels in a world. When you defeat the boss of that world, a large jewel appears. Collect the large jewel from each regular world to find the 3 hidden worlds. This is how you get the true ending and unlock additional characters.

  • Mike - beat world 10 with every large jewel (play with Bubby or Bobby)
  • Violet - Using Mike, beat world 10 with every large jewel