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Rainbow Islands: Putty's Party is a platformer game released on WonderSwan plarform in 29 June, 2000.


It is a spin-off of the Rainbow Islands games, this title features Putty instead of the classic Bubby & Bobby. Like the previous games set on the island the character's main tools and weapons are rainbows. These rainbows can be walked on to scale heights or cover gaps. Rainbows can also be used to kill enemies by striking them with the arc as it is created, or after it has taken form jumping on it so that it breaks and the shards rain death on those below. Enemies can also be trapped in rainbows. Enemies killed by rainbow shards will sometimes drop a special item or a gem. A series of gems are needed to properly clear each level. Like the previous games if you take too long in the stage, the sea level begins to rise. If Putty touches the water, she will lose a life.

Besides the normal stages, there are 2 new kinds of stages, first is a escape stage, which is located in stage 1-3 and 3-3, the island begins to sink and the water rises fast at the beginning, Putty has to climb up to the goal as soon as possible. Another one is stage 2-3 and 4-3, the goal is not located on the top of the stage but into a hidden door, Putty has to find it by shooting a rainbow.

The goal of each area, aside from collecting gems, is to scale to the top of the island. Islands are made out of a series of themed platforms covered with associated enemies. These areas are scattered with items, mostly food, that will increase your score. Sometimes a rainbow will dislodge hidden food or an enemy will drop some when killed. If your score is high enough you will start to send out more than one rainbow at a time. At the end of each island there will be a boss. If you fulfilled certain requirements in the level you may get a special item.

There are 5 islands in total. If you obtained first four islands' Big Diamond, the fifth stage Magical Island will be unlocked. Here listed with their theme:

  • Insect Island: Insects and nature (Stage 1)
  • Doh Island: Geometric (Stage 2)
  • Monster Island: Classic horror monsters (Stage 3)
  • Darius Island: Machines (Stage 4)
  • Magical Island: Enemies are in a game called The Fairyland Story (Stage 5)

This game plays vertically.