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This is about the island first appearing in Bubble Memories. For the arcade title, see Rainbow Islands. For the eponymous location from said game, see Rainbow Islands (location).

Rainbow Island (レインボーアイランド Reinbō Airando?) is the home of Bub and Bob, first appearing by name in Bubble Memories.


Rainbow Island is a small island that is home to Rainbow Village, the hometown of Bub and Bob. As its name indicates, the village appears very colorful, and is full of castle-like buildings of all shapes and sizes. At the center of the village stands the Rainbow Tower, which is used to keep watch over the island and protect its inhabitants from harm.

The upper part of the island appears to contain woodland and mountainous areas, and Bubby and Bobby are seen in a forest near the village in the intro to Bubble Memories.


  • Rainbow Island's connection to the similarly-named Rainbow Islands is not specified in-game, though the Japanese manual for Parasol Stars states that Bub and Bob hail from the archipelago, establishing the island as part of the island chain.
    • The lack of specificity on the island's greater location is partially due to that in Japanese, the names of the island and archipelago are used interchangeably, as they are rendered identically in the language.