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Rabbitman (うさぎの人 Usagi no Hito?) is a character appearing in Space Bust-A-Move. He is a mysterious man dressed up in a rabbit costume who lives on the planet Labyrinth.



Rabbitman is a man dressed in a rabbit-shaped costume, which he is always seen wearing. The costume is peach-colored, and features layered tufts of green, yellow, and orange-colored fur on its ears and chest. The tail of the costume is also colored in this manner, and acts as the zipper of the costume. His true appearance under the costume is unknown; he is seen vacating it in his loss animation, though all that can be seen of his true body is a black blur before he disappears.


Rabbitman's personality is difficult to define due to his mysterious nature, though he appears to have a generally cheerful and friendly disposition. He is portrayed as mute, merely communicating via body language.