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"Puzzle Bobble" and "Bust-A-Move" redirect here. For the iOS game, see Bust-A-Move (iOS). For the series in which this game is a part of, see Puzzle Bobble (series).

Puzzle Bobble (パズルボブル Pazuru Boburu?), also known as Bust-A-Move, is an arcade game developed by Taito. It is the first game in the Puzzle Bobble (series). Puzzle Bobble is a puzzle spin-off of the Bubble Bobble series. The game is a tile-matching puzzle game, in which Bub and Bob must shoot bubbles into pairs of three.


In Puzzle Bobble, Bub and Bob must shoot bubbles out of a Bubble Launcher up at the top of the screen. The duo must make groups of three identically colored bubbles, which pop when they are matched. After a certain amount of bubbles are shot, the ceiling descends down toward the bottom of the screen very slightly. If they player does not shoot a bubble after a certain amount of time, the bubble is shot automatically.

In the SNES version of Puzzle Bobble, several new features are introduced, such as Special Bubbles which when popped, can remove other bubbles, depending on their type. Other features added in the SNES release include a Vs. Mode and a final boss.

Unreleased "US" B-System Version[]

While the original Taito B System version was only released in Japan. Taito America planned to release Puzzle Bobble even in the US still for the Taito B System, under the title "Bubble Buster". During the location test, apart the translated text, some drastic changes were made, such the removal of every Bubble Bobble reference, graphic text and title screen were changed, music and sound effects were changed and the ending which they planned a sweepstakes contest, with a riddle. Sadly, this version was never released to the public.

While this version was remain hidden for the public for a long time, Nonetheless, in 2021, a prototype B-System board was found containing this unreleased US version.

Curiously, a similar set of changes would be later made to the US Taito F3 System version of Puzzle Bobble 2, under the title of Bust-A-Move Again which get released in the US.


Platform Release Features
Taito B-System June 1994(JP, US (Unreleased))
  • The original arcade version. This version was only released in Japan altrough it was also planned to get a release in the US.
Neo-Geo MVS December 12, 1994(WW)
  • Port of the B-System version, with tweaked sound and international localizations.
Super NES January 13, 1995(JP)
March 1995(NA)
  • New graphic set
  • New Battle mode
  • 30 original rounds plus 70 new ones
  • 3 Special Bubbles
Neo-Geo CD May 2, 1995(JP)
April 27, 1995(EU)
  • Direct port of Neo-Geo MVS version.
3DO November 22, 1995(JP)
  • The Super NES version
  • Enhanced graphics set
  • Arranged soundtrack
Game Gear August 2, 1996(JP)
  • The Super NES version
  • Enhanced graphics set
DOS March 15, 1997(NA)
  • Appears to be unofficial (Remove this section?)
  • New graphics set
  • 30 original rounds plus 50 new ones
  • Two Versus modes
  • Challenge mode
  • No sound effects
Wonderswan July 1, 1999(JP)
  • New graphics set
Windows 1999(NA)
  • Uncertain if based off of Arcade versions or the Super NES version.
  • Enhanced graphics set
  • New music tracks
Nintendo Switch December 20, 2018(WW)
  • The Neo-Geo MVS version
PlayStation 4 December 20, 2018(JP)
January 3, 2019(NA)
  • The Neo-Geo MVS version
Xbox One December 20, 2018(JP)
  • The Neo-Geo MVS version


Playable characters[]

Non-playable characters[]




  • The game forbids the initials 'SEX' on the high score table. If you try, it gets changed to 'AAA'.
  • While Bubble Buster was never released for unknown reasons, it is assumed that, Taito America decided to focus more on the localization of Puzzle Bobble for the Neo Geo MVS.
  • Unscrambling the message in the Bubble Buster's sweepstakes contest, we get the following message: TAITO... THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN!