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Ptolemy (トレミー Toremī?) is the main character of the Taito game The Fairyland Story, making her debut appearance in 1985. She has made several appearances in the Bubble Bobble series. Ptolemy is the princess of the Alfalfa Kingdom, located in Fairyland, and possesses magical powers, like most of the kingdom's residents.



Ptolemy wears a red long-sleeved dress with buttons, along with with a red pointed witch's hat. She has long brown hair, as well as brown eyes. She is frequently shown wielding a wand that has a golden star at the end.

In The Fairyland Story, Ptolemy's shoes and buttons were both depicted as white in coloration. In Pop'n Pop, her shoes are now brown, and the buttons on her dress were changed to be gold in color, a feature that has remained consistent in most of her later appearances.


Ptolemy is described as being lively, wise and courageous, caring deeply for her kingdom and its people. She is best friends with Rodemy, a young dragon who she has known since childhood, with the two sharing a deep bond.


Ptolemy is skilled with magic, with her primary use of it being to transform her enemies into chocolate cakes, though she also is able to conjure fireballs with the help of a Scroll of Fire. She is also shown to be able to utilize a broomstick to fly. In Pop'n Pop, she utilizes a variety of spells during gameplay; Twinkle Star (ティンクルスター Tinkuru Sutā?) involves her summoning a small cake, Comet Shoot (コメットシュート Cometto Shūto?) has her summoning a medium-sized cake, Meteor Strike (メテオストライク Meteo Sutoraiku?) has her conjure a large cake, and Moonlight Shower (ムーンライトシャワー Mūnraito Shawā?) has her summoning an image of the moon.



Ptolemy is the princess of the Alfalfa Kingdom (アルファルファ王国 Arufarufa Ōkoku?), a peaceful country located on the northern edge of Fairyland (フェアリーランド Fearirando?) whose citizens are all capable of using magic. She is the daughter of King Alfalfa III (国王アルファルファ3世 Koku-Ō Arufarufa San-sei?), the kingdom's monarch.

Her first appearance was in The Fairyland Story, in which she served as the main protagonist. In the game's plot, a plague has spread across the Alfalfa Kingdom, causing its inhabitants to fall ill with hunger and disease. Eventually, even King Alfalfa III becomes bedridden. Ptolemy focuses on taking care of her father and the rest of the sick citizens of the kingdom, but desires to restore the kingdom to its former glory and attempts to investigate the cause of the plague. She discovers that the blight is due to the magic of the giant lizard Dracolisk, but before she is able to take action, Dracolisk conjures an army of monsters using his powerful magic and invades the Alfalfa Kingdom, with the weakened country quickly falling to the invading force. Dracolisk proceeds to steal the Holy Gem (ホーリージェム Hōrī Jemu?), a symbol of peace passed down through the kingdom since ancient times.

With the fate of her kingdom hanging in the balance, Ptolemy sets out alongside her closest friend, the dragon Rodemy, to defeat Dracolisk and retrieve the Holy Gem, as it is the only thing that can save the Alfalfa Kingdom. Ptolemy faces Dracolisk's army of monsters, eventually confronting the great lizard himself. The two battle, and Ptolemy emerges victorious, retrieving the Holy Gem and bringing peace to her kingdom, with Dracolisk's magical blight and monster army now gone.

Final Bubble Bobble[]

Ptolemy makes her first appearance in the Bubble Bobble series in a cameo in Final Bubble Bobble. She makes an appearance as a food item that the player can obtain in order to collect points.

Bubble Symphony[]

Ptolemy appears in Bubble Symphony as an assist character. She is summoned by collecting a purple scroll, and aids the player by transforming enemies into chocolate cakes. The cakes can be collected by the player, and are worth 10,000 points each.

Bubble Memories[]

Ptolemy appears as a food item once again in Bubble Memories, now with a giant-sized variant. The item appears on Round 57 after the player has defeated all enemies, with all bubbles onscreen transforming into the Ptolemy item.

Rainbow Islands[]

Ptolemy makes a small cameo in the Game Boy Color version of Rainbow Islands, released in 2001. She appears in the opening and ending cutscenes of Magical Island, the game's Fairyland Story-themed world. Ptolemy is shown appearing alongside another witch who appears nearly identical, but with less saturated clothing. Due to the lack of much dialogue or exposition, who this character is intended to be or portray is unknown.

Other appearances[]

Pop'n Pop[]

PnP Ptolemy Curse Scene

Ptolemy and Rodemy in Pop'n Pop, after Dracolisk's curse has taken hold.

Ptolemy appears as a playable character in the console version of Pop'n Pop. Her helper in the game is an unnamed small dragon. Rodemy appears as her second player counterpart, having been changed into a form greatly resembling Ptolemy due to a curse.

In the game's story, Ptolemy and Rodemy are planning to explore a cave to the west, when suddenly they come upon a strange balloon. The balloon pops, revealing a message from Princess Lena of Pop'n World, who asks for Ptolemy's help to rescue her country from the invading forces of the Super Dark Great Dragon. As her message fades, Ptolemy turns to Rodemy, planning to help, but realizes that her companion has now been turned to a humanoid form greatly resembling Ptolemy herself. Confused, Ptolemy attempts to help Rodemy, and the two look up, seeing the silhouette of a giant dragon in the sky. Realizing Dracolisk has returned to life and cursed Rodemy, the duo set out to Pop'n World, intent on rescuing the princess and returning Rodemy to her true form.

Eventually, the two are able to defeat the Super Dark Great Dragon, rescuing Princess Lena. However, Rodemy continues to stay in her altered form, which saddens Ptolemy. Lena notices this, asking what the matter was, and Ptolemy asks in turn if she is able to change Rodemy back to normal. Lena removes the curse, and Ptolemy happily hugs her friend, with the two planning to head back to Fairyland and explore the cave they were headed to at the beginning of the story.

Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders[]

Ptolemy appears in the Taito crossover title Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders as one of many selectable co-pilots for the Vaus.


Ptolemy is likely named after the Greek mathematician, astronomer, and astrologist Claudius Ptolemaios, who is often referred to mononymously as "Ptolemy".