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Princess Lena (リーナひめ Rīna-hime?) is a character that appears in Pop'n Pop. She is the ruler of Pop'n World, which has come under attack by the Super Dark Great Dragon.



Princess Lena is a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is primarily clad in pink, with her dress, boots, and elbow gloves all bearing the color. She wears a golden crown, and has pink wings adorning the side of her head, though it is unknown if these are part of her natural physique or merely an accessory she wears.


Princess Lena appears to be a very kind and caring ruler who cares about her people. She is happy to reward the heroes for saving her, and overall appears to care greatly about Pop'n World.


Pop'n Pop[]

Princess Lena appears in the console version of Pop'n Pop, having been kidnapped by the Super Dark Great Dragon. She appears in the game's intro, sending out a balloon containing a plea from help to various worlds, which causes the heroes of the game to set out and try to rescue her.

After the heroes defeat the Super Dark Great Dragon, Princess Lena is freed, appearing in each of the characters' endings.