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Picard (ぴかーる Pikāru?) is a character who appears in Bust-A-Move 2. He is a lightbulb who gained sentience after shining without rest for a century. He serves as the fourth opponent encountered in the game's Player vs. Computer Mode.



Most of Picard's body resembles an ordinary light bulb, though he wears a red garment with a bolt of lightning on the center of it around his lower torso. He has two long blue arms resembling electrical wires, as well as two small blue feet.


Picard's personality is not clearly defined, however, he appears to at least be somewhat excitable judging from his animations and interactions with Bub in Bust-A-Move 2.


Being a lightbulb, Picard is able to illuminate himself via the tungsten filament inside of his bulb. He is also able to deliver electric shocks to his opponents.



Over a century prior to the events of Bust-A-Move 2, Picard was an ordinary lightbulb. However, after shining nonstop for over one hundred years, he mysteriously gained a will of his own.

Bust-A-Move 2[]

Picard is the fourth opponent in the Player vs. Computer of Bust-A-Move 2, and is fought in Oysmi Town. Before the match, he delivers an electric shock to Bub. In the console version of the game, he is a secret playable character in the game's Puzzle Mode.


Picard's name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia pika pika (ぴかぴか?), which is sometimes used to represent the sound an electrical spark makes.