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Patty (パティー Patī?), also known as Coron (コロン Koron?), is a character from the Bubble Bobble series, appearing as Bobby's girlfriend and the human form of Pab. She first appears in the original Bubble Bobble, being kidnapped by Super Drunk along with Betty. She is a playable character in Bubble Symphony both in human form and as Pab.


  • While Patty from the original Bubble Bobble and Coron from Bubble Symphony were originally stated to be separate characters (with Coron being a descendant of the original Bub and Bob), later games in the series reimagined the Bubble Dragon characters from Bubble Symphony as the love interests of the original duo from Bubble Bobble, making them both the human form of Pab. Despite this, both the names "Patty" and "Coron" have been used in Japanese after this change.