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Papa (パパ Papa?) is the father of Bub and Bob, and a recurring character in the Bubble Bobble series. He is a magician, and is married to Mama.



In Bubble Bobble, Papa has short red hair and a mustache. He wears a purple shirt with "PAPA" written on it in yellow text, as well as pink shoes.

In Bubble Bobble for the Game Boy, Papa appears rather similar to his design in the original arcade title, though he is shown wearing dark-colored collared vest over a white shirt, as well as darker-colored trousers.

In Bubble Memories, Papa is given a new design. In his Bubble Dragon form, she is purple with yellow spines, and has reddish-pink arms and legs. He is slightly taller than Bub and Bob, and has a white stomach area, as well as a brown mustache and a pipe in his mouth. In his human form, he has brown hair similar to that of Bubby and Bobby's, and retains his mustache and pipe. He is clad in a purple turtleneck sweater with blue overalls, and retains his pink shoes from his original design.

In Bubble Bobble: Old & New, Papa's design retains elements of his look in the original arcade title, though appears rather different in some aspects. He retains his purple shirt, though it now simply bears a yellow letter "P" in the center. He is now wearing orange pants and black shoes, and lacks a mustache, with his hair appearing more curly or bushy towards the top.

Papa's design in Bubble Bobble Plus! is nearly identical to his appearance in the original Bubble Bobble, though his shirt now reads "DADDY" and he is shown wearing blue pants.