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Pao Pao Island (パオパオ島 Pao Pao-tō?) is a location appearing in Super Puzzle Bobble. It is also referenced in the name of the main theme of the Puzzle Bobble series, "Let's Go to Pao Pao Island!", which first appeared in the original Puzzle Bobble.


Not much is seen of Pao Pao Island in Super Puzzle Bobble, but in the opening to the game's story mode, it is shown to have a fair amount of greenery, as well as a mushroom-shaped house that seemingly belongs to Bub and Bob. Hebedon is stated to be part of a tribe that lives in a mountainous region on the island.


Super Puzzle Bobble[]

Pao Pao Island appears in Super Puzzle Bobble during the beginning of the game's story mode. Bub and Bob and relaxing on the island when Chack'n flies down, informing the duo that the Tree of Time is being attacked by the Time Eaters. The island also appears as the location that the game's Puzzle Mode takes place in.