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Packy (パッキー Pakkī?) is a recurring character in the Bubble Bobble series, serving as a playable character in several Puzzle Bobble games. He is a high-performance robotic cat who is a close friend of Bub.



Packy is a small green robot resembling a cat. The area around his face is white, and he has blue eyes and two whiskers on either cheek, each of which have a yellow bulb at the end. He has a panel on his lower torso, as well as two white paws that serve as his feet, and an electrical power cord for a tail.


Packy appears to be generally cheerful and friendly. He is described as being a bit erratic or moody at times, though, behaving in a manner much like a real cat would. His favorite food is monaka. Packy dislikes water and bubbles, much like a real cat, though this is due to moisture having a negative effect on his robotic body.


Packy is able to fire laser beams from his eyes to attack his opponents, as well as channel an electrical current through his body. His head is detachable, though this is not by design; he has loose screws around his neck that cause his head to accidentally fall off on a frequent basis. However, it is easily reattached. Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! states that this is due to his model being a prototype.



According to supplementary material for Puzzle Bobble 2, everything about Packy's creation is a complete mystery, and it is unknown who built him or for what purpose.

Puzzle Bobble 2[]

Packy makes his first appearance in Puzzle Bobble 2, appearing as the second opponent encountered in the game's Player vs. Computer mode. He is encountered in an unnamed factory-like area, and startles Bub before the match by reattaching his head after it accidentally falls off.

Packy appears as a secret playable character in the console version of the game's Puzzle Mode, unlocked by entering a code on the map screen.

Puzzle Bobble 3[]

Packy has a minor cameo in Puzzle Bobble 3, appearing in the background of Priccio's stage as a capsule toy.

Puzzle Bobble 4[]

Packy makes another appearance as an unlockable playable character in the console version of Puzzle Bobble 4. He is unlocked by winning ten rounds in a row in the game's Win Contest mode.

Super Puzzle Bobble[]

Packy is a playable character in Super Puzzle Bobble. In his story, he sets out with Bub and Chack'n in order to stop the Time Eaters from destroying the Tree of Time.

Bust-A-Move Millennium[]

Packy appears once again as a playable character in Bust-A-Move Millennium. He is the strongest of the Bubble Hermit's students, and is fought at the Trial Gate in the game's Story Mode.

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble![]

Packy appears as a playable character after a long absence in Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!. In the game's Story mode, he is encountered in the fourth stage, the Rainbow Factory, where he works as the factory's head engineer and helps to develop goods for the people of Rainbow Island. As a result of the Miniroons' sudden uncontrollable bubble-blowing abilities, the Rainbow Factory has been flooded with bubbles, clogging up all the machines. Bub, Bob, Peb, and Pab arrive at the factory and quickly move to help Packy restore order and clear out the bubbles. Packy thanks the four, though Bob quickly takes too keen an interest in Packy's mechanical workings, and he quickly ushers the dragons out the door in fear of being disassembled and focuses to filling out the backed-up orders his factory received in the meantime.

Packy later helps to provide the dragons with a rocket in order to travel to Rainbow Moon and confront Develon who used the chaos of the Miniroons' situation to move and try to conquer Rainbow Star.

Other appearances[]

Packy's Treasure Slot[]

Packy serves as the main character of the medal game Packy's Treasure Slot.

Bubblen Bowling[]

Packy makes an appearance in the mobile game Bubblen Bowling.


  • Packy's birthday is on August 1st.