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Musashi (ムサシ Musashi?) is a character appearing in Puzzle Bobble 3. He is martial artist from another world summoned to Rainbow Star by Drunk's magic. He hails from the world of a fictional arcade action game titled Taito Musashi Fight.



Musashi is a somewhat muscular young man with brown eyes and brown hair cut in a flattop style. He hears a white headband , red sweatbands around his wrists, a red belt, and is clad in a white martial arts gi with the sleeves ripped off. The gi is emblazoned with a bright blue Taito logo on the back. Additionally, Musashi is typically depicted barefoot, though he is shown wearing shoes while not in his uniform.


Musashi is extremely dedicated to his study of martial arts, traveling the world in search of unique fighting styles. He possesses a strong fighting spirit, with it being ignited even further after sighting a mysterious ball floating in the sky. He is shown to be dedicated to his training, and appears to be somewhat forgiving, taking Drunk on as a disciple in his Player vs. Computer mode ending in spite of Drunk's magic being the reason he was transported away from his world in the first place.


Musashi is an adept fighter, and is able to channel his ki into his attacks. His two signature techniques are the Hadanken (だんけん Hadanken?, "Supreme Bullet Fist"), which involves Musashi releasing a ball of energy from his hands, and the Rekkyuken (れっきゅうけん Rekkyūken?, "Furious Sphere Fist"), a ki-charged spinning uppercut. He also possesses a powerful technique that combines the two attacks known as the Hadanrekkyuken (だんれっきゅうけん Hadanrekkyūken?, "Supreme Bullet Furious Sphere Fist"), which involves him performing the Hadanken before immediately following it up with the Rekkyuken.


  • Musashi is a parody of of Ryu from the Street Fighter series of games. His attacks, the Hadanken and Rekkyuken, are parodies of the Hadoken and Shoryuken respectively, which are two of Ryu's signature techniques.
    • Additionally, Taito Musashi Fight is a parody of Street Fighter II, as the character select screen shown before his match in Player vs. Computer mode is based off of Street Fighter II's own.