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Mog (モグ Mogu?) is a character appearing in Super Bust-A-Move and its sequel, Super Bust-A-Move 2. She is a cheerful young cat who serves as the main character of the Super Bust-A-Move games.



Mog generally has a cheerful disposition, and is typically friendly and affable. She is especially proud of her necktie, which she has been wearing ever since Pinky complimented her on it, telling her that it looked cool. Her favorite food is mezashi.


Super Bust-A-Move[]

Mog first appears in Super Bust-A-Move as a playable character. She acts as the main mascot for the game, and in gameplay, she is one of several characters who can be partnered up with Bub.

Super Bust-A-Move 2[]

Mog returns in Super Bust-A-Move 2, once again acting as a playable character. In the game's story mode, she sets out to conquer Puzzle Tower, curious about the rumored reward for anyone able to overcome the tower's challenges.


  • Mog has a cameo appearance in the Taito-developed title Graffiti Kingdom, appearing as one of several Bubble Bobble characters who appear as obtainable Graffiti Creatures.