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The Miniroon (ミニルン Minirun?) is a type of creature appearing in the Bubble Bobble series. They are diminutive creatures resembling Bubble Dragons, but they are unable to produce bubbles themselves. They live in a location known as Miniroon Park, located just outside of Rainbow Village. They are said to be a brave and curious species who love bubbles and idolize Bub.

The Miniroons have a strong sense of curiosity, though due to this, they are prone to getting up to mischief unless otherwise directed from doing so. However, they are also stated to be well-behaved if instructed as such. They look up to Bub due to the fact that he resembles them and due to his ability to blow bubbles. Miniroons are stated to like anything that catches their fancy at the time, which happens frequently due to their curious nature. They also love to dress up in different types of costumes.



Miniroons resemble small green Bubble Dragons, appearing as miniature versions of Bub. However, unlike Bub, they have small black eyes and their limbs are colored yellow instead of pink. They also lack claws on their hands and feet.


Miniroons do not appear to have many unique or innate abilities, being unable to produce bubbles on their own. In Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!, they are able to produce bubbles after drinking a potion given to them by Drunk, but are unable to control their bubble production and flood Rainbow Island with bubbles as a result.

Miniroons are stated to be particularly skilled at making things, having constructed all of the buildings in their home of Miniroon Park. When working together, they are able to create rather impressively-sized structures.


Bubblen March[]

Miniroons first appear in Bubblen March. They are supporting characters that assist Bub throughout his journey.

Bust-A-Move Islands[]

Miniroons re-appear in Bust-A-Move Islands, this time serving as the residents of Miniroon Park. More residents can be acquired through completing stages that require rescuing them. They are also playable through the means of the Gacha system, with specific character pairs including them.

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble![]

The Miniroons once again return in Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!, both as a helper character and a playable character, as well as having a prominent role in the main story. Wishing to be able to blow bubbles just like Bub and his friends, Drunk gives all of the Miniroons a potion that allows them to do so. This in turn causes Rainbow Islands to be flooded with bubbles, causing problems for the residents, leaving Bub, Bob, Peb, and Pab to clean up the mess.

Eventually, Bub and friends manage to confront Drunk and get him to hand over a remedy to the potion, but Katze uses his psychic powers to tweak the effects, causing them to exponentially increase their rate of blowing bubbles. It is revealed that Katze is working for Develon, who wants to use Drunk's prank to conquer Rainbow Star. Bub and friends manage to confront Develon and get him to help stop the Miniroons, with everyone working together to create a cure for their bubble-blowing. This leaves one of the Miniroons sad at no longer being able to blow bubbles on his own, but Bub manages to cheer him up by blowing bubbles that fly into the sky and pop, creating a rainbow over the horizon. The Miniroon, the Bubble Dragons, and Develon all sit and admire the rainbow before the game's credits roll.


The name "Miniroon" is a combination of the English word "mini" and "Bubblun".


  • In their character profile section in Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!, the Miniroons are stated to have no dislikes.
    • The profile section also gives their birthday as March 26th, which was later stated on a video on Bub's Broadcast to be the day the species was discovered.