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The Mechanical Prototype Bubblen (ばぶるんろぼ Baburun Robo?, "Bubblun Robo"), serial number Code No. CR20 - 100190 is a character that appears in Puzzle Bobble 2. It is a giant robot created by Drunk in order to disguise himself as Bub, and serves as the eleventh opponent in the game's Player vs. Computer mode.



The Mechanical Prototype Bubblen is a large robot modeled after Bub. It has two jet boosters in place of its feet, a small tail, and a bluish-green body. It has two maroon pauldrons on either shoulder which connect to two extendable silver arms with red, ball-like hands featuring three claws on each. It has a yellow spike on top of its head mimicking Bub's spines, and a single red eye in the center of its face. Its stomach area is a gray hatch that serves as the cockpit.


Puzzle Bobble 2[]

The Mechanical Prototype Bubblen is the eleventh opponent of the Player vs. Computer of Puzzle Bobble 2, fought in Castle Drunk. As Bub enters the castle, an alarm blares, and text appears on the screen reading "WARNING!! A HUGE BATTLE SHIP CODE NO. CR20 - 100190 MECHANICAL PROTOTYPE BUBBLEN IS APPROACHING FAST." The Mechanical Prototype Bubblen uses a unique, metallic version of the Bubble Launcher, though it is only different in appearance, and functions the same as the player's. After the match, the Mechanical Prototype Bubblen crashes and explodes, revealing it to be piloted by Drunk.

Other appearances[]

Pop'n Pop[]

The Mechanical Prototype Bubblen has a minor role in the console version of Pop'n Pop, appearing during Drunk's intro animation.


  • The Mechanical Prototype Bubblen's stage intro is a reference to the boss introductions from Taito's Darius series of games, which display text on the screen reading "WARNING! A HUGE BATTLESHIP [boss name] IS APPROACHING FAST" as an alarm blares.