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Marino (マリーノ Marīno?) is a character who appears in the Puzzle Bobble series, first appearing in Puzzle Bobble 4. He is a young merman who is the prince of the Sea Kingdom of the planet Wavy.



Marino is a young merman with blue eyes and a blue tail. He is shirtless, and his hair appears to be made out of water. Marino also possesses fins in the area where ears would be on a human, and is typically seen wielding a golden trident.


Marino has a rather straightforward and honest personality, though he is also a bit simple-minded. He is devoted to his duties as a prince, being willing to set out on a journey to save his kingdom after it was devastated by Madame Luna's theft of the rainbow.


Marino appears to possess some degree of hydrokinesis. His signature technique, Big Wave (ビッグウェーブ Biggu Wēbu?) involves him swinging his trident in order to conjure a large wave of water that he sends towards his opponent. Additionally, Marino appears to be a naturally skilled swimmer due to his merman physique.