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Mama (ママ Mama?) is the mother of Bub and Bob, and a recurring character in the Bubble Bobble series. She is a magician, and is married to Papa.



In Bubble Bobble, Mama has long blonde hair and rosy cheeks. She wears a purple shirt with "MAMA" written on it in yellow text, as well as pink shoes.

In Bubble Bobble for the Game Boy, Mama appears rather similar to her design in the original arcade title, though she is shown wearing a light-colored dress.

In Bubble Memories, Mama is given a new design. In her Bubble Dragon form, she is pink with yellow spines, and has reddish-pink arms and legs. She is slightly taller than Bub and Bob, and is always shown clad in a teal apron. In her human form, she has brown hair done up in a bun, and wears a pink long-sleeved dress with a white collar underneath a yellow apron, as well as yellow shoes.

In Bubble Bobble: Old & New, Mama somewhat resembles her original design from Bubble Bobble, though is depicted much skinnier and taller in stature. She wears a purple dress with a yellow section on the upper torso area, as well as a reddish-pink band around the waist. She once again is shown clad in pink shoes.

Mama's design in Bubble Bobble Plus! is nearly identical to her appearance in the original Bubble Bobble, though her shirt now reads "MOM" and she is shown wearing blue pants.