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The Magician's Forest (ほう使つかいのもり Mahōtsukai no Mori?) is a location appearing in the Bubble Bobble series. It is a mysterious forest located outside of Bub and Bob's hometown that houses the Cave of Monsters.


The Magician's Forest is said to be a dark and mysterious forest full of monsters. Deep inside of it lies the Cave of Monsters, a 100-floor cave that is ruled over by Super Drunk.


Bubble Bobble[]

The Magician's Forest first appears as part of the plot of Bubble Bobble after Bubby, Bobby, Betty and Patty wander into it on accident while playing in the woods near their home village. There, Betty and Patty are captured by Super Drunk, who puts a curse on Bubby and Bobby, transforming them into Bubble Dragons before taking the girls to the bottom of the cave, causing the two brothers to chase after the wizard in order to rescue their girlfriends.

The Magician's Forest does not actually make a physical appearance during the gameplay of Bubble Bobble, and is only mentioned in story information given out in supplemental material for the game.

Final Bubble Bobble[]

The Magician's Forest makes its first physical appearance in the true ending of Final Bubble Bobble. After defeating Super Drunk and rescuing Betty and Patty from Super Drunk's sons, Bub and Bob reunite with the two girls, and are turned back into their human forms. Due to Super Drunk's defeat, the darkness surrounding the forest fades, and the four celebrate, returning to their village together.

Bust-A-Move DS[]

The Magician's Forest is mentioned in the Japanese version of Bust-A-Move DS in the profiles of Cynthia and Drunk, who are both stated to hail from the forest.


  • The Rainbow Forest from Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! may be a reference to the Magician's Forest, as they are both forests located near Rainbow Village that are said to have been used as hideouts for wizards, and both are in close proximity to a cave ruled over by a Drunk. However, any relation between the two is unspecified.
    • The video Introductions: My nemesis, Drunk! on Bub's Broadcast utilizes a picture of Rainbow Forest to represent the Magician's Forest, indicating they may be the same location.