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This page is a list of items that appear in Chack'n Pop.

Special Items[]

Name Function Condition Points
Chack'n Heart CnP Super Heart (スーパーハート Sūpā Hāto?) Turns the player invincible, allowing them to defeat enemies by touching them. Appears after defeating more than one Monsta with a smoke bomb a certain number of times. The amount of times required differs depending on the stage. 2000
Yellow Apple CnP Yellow Apple (黄色のりんご Kiiro no Ringo?) Grants the player an extra life. Has a 1/256 chance of appearing after the player defeats multiple enemies in place of a Bonus Fruit. Will not appear if the conditions to spawn a Super Heart or Green Apple are met. 0
Green Apple CnP Green Apple (紫りんご Midori Ringo?) Causes a Zen-chan to appear, pushing back the Maita and resetting the timer. Appears after defeating more than one Monsta with a smoke bomb just before the Maita is able to roll the boulder over the entrance to the stage. Will only spawn if there is at least one Heart still trapped in a cage. 0
Blue Apple CnP Blue Apple (青りんご Ao Ringo?) Decreases the player's movement speed for a period of time. Has a 1/8 change of spawning from Maze 5 onwards after only defeating a single Monsta with a smoke bomb. 0
Purple Apple CnP Purple Apple (紫りんご Murasaki Ringo?) Causes all Monstas in the stage to turn into Bonus Fruits. Appears if the player has collected either six or more fruits or three unique types of fruit in the previous stage. 0

Items with the "※" sign next to them indicates they only appear in the console versions of Chack'n Pop.

Bonus Fruit[]

Name Points
Red Apple CnP Red Apple (赤りんご Aka Ringo?) 400
Cherry CnP Cherry (サクランボ Sakuranbo?) 600
Strawberry CnP Strawberry (イチゴ Ichigo?) 800
Tomato CnP Tomato (トマト Tomato?) 1000
Green Pepper CnP Green Pepper (ピーマン Pīman?) 1200
Banana CnP Banana (バナナ Banana?) 1400
Persimmon CnP Persimmon (カキ Kaki?) 1600
Cucumber CnP Cucumber (キュウリ Kyūri?) 1800
Grapes CnP Grapes (ブドウ Budō?) 2000