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This page lists the bosses in the Bubble Bobble series, organized by game.

Bubble Bobble[]

Final Bubble Bobble[]

Rainbow Islands[]

Bubble Bobble (Game Boy)[]

Parasol Stars[]

Bubble Bobble Part 2[]

Bubble Bobble Junior[]

Puzzle Bobble[]

Bubble Symphony[]

Bubble Memories[]

Pop'n Pop[]

Classic Bubble Bobble[]

Bubble Bobble Revolution[]

Bubble Bobble Evolution[]

  • Wooden World Boss
  • Tech World Boss
  • Adventure World Boss
  • Nightmare World Boss

Rainbow Islands Evolution[]

  • Bony Drums
  • Edgy Guitars
  • Hampy Mallets
  • Brecky Horns
  • Ricky Keyboards
  • DJ DIY Turntables
  • Mary Harp
  • Mr. Y

Bubble Bobble Double Shot[]

Space Bust-A-Move[]

Bubble Bobble Plus![]

Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure![]

  • Driller
  • Spider
  • Tornado Mech
  • Bomber
  • Totem Mech
  • Spider II
  • Bomber II
  • Great Crescent Mech

Bubble Bobble Double[]

New Bust-A-Move[]

  • Spider
  • Crab
  • Owl
  • Skeleton
  • Octopus

Bust-A-Move Universe[]

Bust-A-Move Islands[]

  • Owl
  • Crab
  • Skeleton

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends[]