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King Fossil (キングフォスル Kingu Fosuru?) is a recurring boss from Taito's Darius series of games. Originally appearing as the boss of Zone A in the original Darius, King Fossil is one of the most recognizable battleships in the entire Darius series, and has made cameos in many other Taito games. It appears in the NES version of Rainbow Islands as the boss of the game's Darius-themed world, Darius Island, replacing Electric Fan from the arcade version of the game.



King Fossil is a giant blue battleship based off of a coelacanth. It has several silver plates around its mouth, which is full of fangs and has a cannon installed inside of it. King Fossil's eyes are yellow, and it has multiple fins and metal scales installed on its body.


King Fossil's mouth is equipped with a Diffusion Particle Cannon (拡散粒子砲 Kakusan Ryūshi-hō?) that it uses as its main form of attack. In Darius, it attacks by firing out a wave of five shots from the cannon, and in Rainbow Islands, it fires energy balls that home in on the player. King Fossil is also equipped with mobile depth charges that it uses as a secondary form of attack, and later versions of the battleship possess a cannon installed in its tail.



King Fossil is a battleship created by the mysterious army known as Belsar, and was sent out along with the rest of the army's fleet to attack the planet Darius. It first appeared as the boss of Zone A in the original Darius, and was destroyed by the Silver Hawk squadron. After its initial appearance, Electric Fan went on to reappear in almost every one the subsequent games in the Darius series, acting as part of Belsar's armada. Several variants of King Fossil later appeared in the series, including Emperor Fossil, Queen Fossil, Fire Fossil, Iron Fossil, and Knight Fossil.

Rainbow Islands[]

King Fossil appears in the NES version of Rainbow Islands as the boss of Darius Island, replacing Electric Fan from the game's original arcade release. It attacks by firing energy balls at Bubby, and slowly moves around until the player defeats it.

King Fossil makes a cameo appearance in the opening of the Game Boy Color version of Rainbow Islands, having captured the president of the Rainbow Islands, but retreats after being attacked by Bubby and Bobby.

Puzzle Bobble 2[]

King Fossil makes a minor cameo in Puzzle Bobble 2, appearing in the ocean on the game's world map.