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KiKi KaiKai ( かいかい Kiki Kaikai?) is an arcade game developed and published by Taito, released in 1986. The game stars the shrine maiden Sayo-chan, who is tasked with rescuing the Seven Lucky Gods from the clutches of a group of mischievous yōkai.

Characters and elements from KiKi KaiKai have made frequent cameo appearances in the Bubble Bobble series.

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KiKi KaiKai spawned several sequels, most of which were released under the title of Pocky & Rocky in western regions.

The first of these, KiKi KaiKai: Dotou-hen (奇々怪界 怒濤編 Kiki Kaikai Dotō-hen?) was released for the Famicom Disk System, and serves as an expanded reimagining of the original arcade game. It adds several new bosses and mechanics and places the player in an interconnected overworld, as opposed to the original game's linear scrolling stages. It also serves as the first game in the series to include a multiplayer function, introducing an additional shrine maiden, Miki-chan, to serve as the second player character.

In 1992, Taito licensed the KiKi KaiKai intellectual property to Japanese game developer and publisher Natsume, who produced the first of several additions to the series. KiKi KaiKai: Nazo no Kuro Manto (奇々怪界 謎の黒マント Kiki Kaikai Nazo no Kuro Manto?), released in western regions as Pocky & Rocky, was developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and expanded on the gameplay of the original, adding simultaneous multiplayer. The game features the final boss of the original KiKi KaiKai, Manuke, as the second player character, having teaming up with Sayo-chan to stop the rampaging yōkai who have been put under a spell by a mysterious figure known as the Black Mantle.

KiKi KaiKai: Nazo no Kuro Manto was followed by a sequel in 1994 entitled KiKi KaiKai: Tsukiyo Soushi (奇々怪界 月夜草子 Kiki Kaikai Tsukiyo Sōshi?), released as Pocky & Rocky 2 in western regions, again developed and published by Natsume for the Super NES. This game focuses on Sayo-chan having to rescue the kidnapped Princess Kaguya from the clutches of possessed aristocrat Ōtomo no Dainagon. Manuke returns as a playable character as well, alongside a number of newly introduced characters that can be selected by the second player, each with their own unique special abilities.

A new installment of the series was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2001, entitled KiKi KaiKai Advance (奇々怪界あどばんす Kiki Kaikai Adobansu?), developed and published by Japanese game company Altron in cooperation with Taito. The game was published in western countries under the title Pocky & Rocky with Becky by Natsume Inc., the American division of Natsume who had since split from the Japanese branch to become its own independent company. The game centers around the main characters setting out to stop the demonic snake known as Yamata no Orochi from bringing disaster to the world. As with the previous two titles, both Sayo-chan and Manuke are playable, with Miki-chan from KiKi KaiKai: Dotou-hen returning as the third playable character.

After some time without a new installment, the series was revived in 2022 with the release of KiKi KaiKai: Kuro Manto no Nazo (奇々怪界 黒マントの謎 Kiki Kaikai Kuro Manto no Nazo?) for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, a reimagined retelling of KiKi KaiKai: Nazo no Kuro Manto developed by several key team members of the development staff of the original title. The title was developed by Tengo Project and published in Japan by Natsume-Atari, the original Japanese branch of Natsume that had since undergone a restructuring after the split with its American divison. The game begins in a similar manner to the original, but deviates as the story progresses, featuring new levels with original bosses not seen in the Super NES version. Sayo-chan and Manuke once again return as playable characters, alongside three new additions to the cast; the goddess Ame-no-Uzume, a weasel yōkai named Ikazuchi, and young samurai Hotaru Gozen. The game was published in western regions by ININ Games under the title Pocky & Rocky Reshrined.