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Katze (カッツェ Kattse?) is a recurring antagonist in the Puzzle Bobble series. He is a fashionable master hypnotist and psychic who dreams of conquering the universe.



Katze is an extraterrestrial being of unknown species whose body has two differently colored halves; blue on the right side, and red on the left side. He has small, somewhat beady eyes, and a prominent nose in the center of his body. He wears a grey striked cloak with a pronounced pointy collar, as well as dark gray boots.


Katze is very prideful, desiring to conquer the galaxy in style. He is very confident in his own greatness, and generally has a calm, but boastful demeanor. He also has a strong sense of style and fashion. Katze is described as an "old man", implying that he is at least considered to be middle-aged among his species. Despite his own goals and desires for conquest, he appears rather polite and affable, and was easily strong-armed into working for Develon, though he was willing to betray him rather quickly and pass all the blame onto him.


Katze possesses a variety of psychokinetic powers, as well as being skilled in hypnotism. His body does not appear to conform to the typical laws of reality, as he is shown to be able to manipulate his body into a variety of shapes. This includes transforming his lower body into a floating sphere shape, opening both halves of his body to form a shape resembling an eye, and being able to split himself down the middle and then peek out from inside of his own split-in-half body. Additionally, Katze appears to be rather adept with science, having at one point worked out of a secret underwater laboratory made from technology not native to Rainbow Star.


Super Bust-A-Move[]

Katze first appears in Super-Bust-A-Move. He is the final character encountered in the game's 1P Battle mode, and is only playable via entering a code on the title screen in order to unlock him. Prior to fighting him, the player must defeat his guard dog, Fungila. His attack involves the use of Obstacle Blocks, making him a dangerous foe.

Super Bust-A-Move 2[]

Katze reappears again in Super-Bust-A-Move 2. This time he is a standard character and does not need to be unlocked. In the story mode, he sets off to conquer the Puzzle Tower, curious of the rewards that lay inside of it.

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble![]

Katze makes an appearance as a playable character in Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!, serving as the first character from the Super Bust-A-Move games to make an appearance in another game in the series. He appears as antagonist in the game's Story mode, working under Develon.

Prior to his appearance in the game's story mode, Develon, who used the chaos on Rainbow Island caused by Drunk to attempt to conquer Rainbow Star, approached Katze, threatening him into working for him. It is also revealed that he is responsible for spreading the weights that push the bubbles downwards towards the player, as well as the time bombs that serve as a time limit in certain rounds, both of which serve as gameplay mechanics. After Bub, Bob, Peb, and Pab defeat Drunk, before Drunk can deliver the remedy to the Miniroons in order to stop their uncontrollable bubble blowing, Katze uses his psychic powers to alter the potion, reversing the effects and increasing the rate of their bubbles.

The Bubble Dragons make their way to his lab and make it past all of Katze's traps, and Katze eventually surrenders, revealing that Develon was behind his actions and telling Bub and friends about his secret base on Rainbow Moon. After the Bubble Dragons defeat Develon, he uses his magic to teleport Katze onto Rainbow Moon, and gives him a moon rock, instructing him to make a cure for the Miniroons out of it. Katze works together with the other characters and eventually manage to stop the stream of bubbles, bringing peace back to the island.

Katze also appears in the post-game story of Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!, where it is revealed he is responsible for creating the potion that Bub, Bob, and Develon drink to forget the solutions to the puzzles they have created on Rainbow Colony. However, Develon ends up forgetting that he had made peace with the brothers due to Katze making a mistake with the ingredients of the potion.