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Kajaku (かじゃく Kajaku?) is a character appearing in Puzzle Bobble 2. She appears as the second opponent faced in the game's Practice Mode.



Kajaku is a birdlike woman who is constantly seen smoking a pipe. She has brown hair done up in a bun, prominent red lips, yellow bird legs, and a white tail resembling that of a peacock. She wears a purple blouse with a white collar.


Kajaku is said to be very graceful and calm. It is stated that she used to attract many suitors in the past due to her beauty, but for unknown reasons, she is now single, which has left her feeling somewhat lonely.


Puzzle Bobble 2[]

Kajaku is the second opponent faced in the Practice Mode of Puzzle Bobble 2. Before the match, she blows smoke in Bub's face, which causes him to jump back and tear up slightly. In the console version of Puzzle Bobble 2, she is a secret playable character in the game's Puzzle Mode.


Kajaku's name originates kujaku (じゃく?), the Japanese word for "peacock".