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Jack O'Colson (じゃっくおこるそん Jakku Okoruson?) is the main antagonist and final boss of the Taito-developed arcade game PuLiRuLa who also appears as a boss in Bubble Symphony.



Jack O'Colson is a being clad in a blue cloak with a red and yellow collar whose head resembles the planet Earth. He has prominent pink lips and large eyelashes, and is usually depicted with his eyes shut. Beneath his cloak, he wears a purple suit adorned with yellow stars, and striped green pants.


Jack O'Colson possesses magical powers, and his main form of attack is by conjuring two rings of fireballs to send down at the player. Additionally, in PuLiRuLa he is able to conjure a swarm of insects with his magic. Jack O'Colson's head is able to detach from his body, which occurs after he takes a certain amount of damage.



Jack O'Colson PuLiRuLa Intro

Jack O'Colson stealing the time key in the intro to PuLiRuLa.

Jack O'Colson first appears as the main antagonist in PuLiRuLa. He is a mysterious being that steals the time keys that control the flow of time in Radish Land, attacking each of the towns one by one and stopping the slow of time by stealing the keys. Two children named Zac and Mel set out to restore the proper flow of time, equipped with the magic sticks given to them by an old man, and eventually come face to face with Jack O'Colson, who is revealed to actually be the Time Keeper of their hometown. After growing bored of his monotonous job of constantly turning the time key, he had become possessed by an evil spirit. After O'Colson's defeat, the Time Keeper apologizes for his actions and swears to never do anything of the sort again, returning to his duty of turning the time key and restoring the flow of time across Radish Land.

Bubble Symphony[]

Jack O'Colson appears in Bubble Symphony, working under Hyper Drunk in the Storybook World. He is the boss of Radish Land, the game's PuLiRuLa-themed world, and behaves very similarly to his appearance in PuLiRuLa, using the same fireball attack that he possessed in the original game.