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Hyper Drunk (はいぱーどらんく Haipā Doranku?) is the main antagonist and final boss of Bubble Symphony. He is a Drunk that was sealed away inside of a book long before the events of Bubble Symphony, and is responsible for changing the game's four protagonists into Bubble Dragons and trapping them inside of the Storybook World.



Hyper Drunk is a large Drunk that wears a tall green hat with yellow trim resembling a mitre. The hat has an red ornament affixed to the front of it with yellow decorations surrounding it. Hyper Drunk is clad in green robes resembling those traditionally worn by the Drunk race, and wears a red cape decorated with a medalling adorned with the letter H on it. Two ornaments can be seen dangling off of the medallion, both of which are yellow in color. Hyper Drunk also has red boots with a gold strap around them, and wields two spears that he can attach together to form a double-edged spear.


Hyper Drunk is shown to be vengeful and wrathful, seeking vengeance for his defeat and imprisonment prior to the events of Bubble Symphony.


Hyper Drunk possesses a variety of magical powers, one of which is the ability to transform humans into Bubble Dragons, much like Super Drunk. In battle, he uses a variety of attacks of a magical and physical nature. One attack involves firing a beam from the jewel on his hat which spreads into a blue flame when making contact with the ground. He also utilizes bottles in his attacks, much like other members of his species, with one attack involving summoning four bottles colored red, blue, yellow, and green in color around himself. When shattered, the red bottle creates a flame that falls downwards, the blue bottle creates a snowflake that falls and freezes whoever it makes contact with, and the yellow and green bottles summon additional enemies to aid Hyper Drunk. Lastly, he utilizes a move where he fires a wave of snowflakes from his spears, then surrounds himself in a fiery aura, rising up and slamming down onto the ground with the point of one of his spears, creating a wave of fireballs around himself.



At some point prior to the events of Bubble Symphony, Hyper Drunk was imprisoned within the Storybook World.

Bubble Symphony[]

Hyper Drunk's first appearance is in Bubble Symphony, where he serves as the main antagonist and final boss. While Bubby, Bobby, Betty, and Patty are at the library they open a book, unaware doing so breaks the seal on Hyper Drunk's containment. Hyper Drunk transforms the four into Bubble Dragons and traps them inside the storybook, causing the four to go on a journey throughout the Storybook World to try and return home and regain their human forms.

Hyper Drunk appears as a boss in the game's final world, Last Road, and is fought after the player defeats a puppet version of Super Drunk. The player is given a Drug of Melody to fight him. In the game's true ending, after defeating Hyper Drunk, the four children are crowned as the kings and queens of the Storybook World.

The nature of Hyper Drunk's revenge varies from source to source. The in-game story of Bubble Symphony states that the protagonists are the grandchildren of Bubby and Bobby from the original Bubble Bobble, with Hyper Drunk plotting to trap them in the book and turn them into Bubble Dragons as revenge for their grandparents' defeat and imprisonment of him. The promotional flyer and other supplemental material for Bubble Symphony ignores this element of the story, only referencing Peb and Pab as Bub and Bob's friends, and stating that Hyper Drunk trapped them merely due to the four breaking the seal on the book. Later media in the series does not acknowledge the descendent aspect of the story, featuring Peb and Pab as friends of Bub and Bob, who are often referenced as being the same characters as in the original Bubble Bobble.

Other appearances[]

Bubble Bobble for Kakao[]

Hyper Drunk appears as a boss in the South Korea-exclusive mobile game Bubble Bobble for Kakao.