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Horned (ホーンド Hōndo?) is the eighth boss in Rainbow Islands. He is originally from the Taito-developed arcade title The Fairyland Story, and was a time-limit enforcing enemy similar to Skel-Monsta. He is encountered on Magical Island, Rainbow Islands' world themed after The Fairyland Story.



Horned is a large red demon that wields a blue pitchfork. He is typically seen with a smug expression on his face. Horned has yellow horns, green wings, and a white stomach area. In his original appearance in The Fairyland Story, Horned was much smaller than his appearances in the Rainbow Islands games, and was about the same size as the other enemies in the game.

Rainbow Islands Revolution gives Horned a minor redesign. He is noticeably slimmer, and his wings and stomach area are now both colored yellow. He now has visible toe claws and fangs, and no longer sports a smug expression. His eyes now have visible sclera, and he has a more angry look on his face. His pitchfork remains mostly the same, but has some minor added details, such as ridges near the top of the handle.


Time Up Character
  • A devil character resembling Horned, known simply as the Time Up Character (タイムUPアップキャラ Taimu Appu Kyara?) appears in a similar role as in The Fairyland Story in the Taito arcade title The NewZealand Story.