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The Giant Tower, known as Puka Puka Town (プカプカタウン Pukapuka Taun?, "Floating Town") in Japan, is the first world in Bubble Bobble Part 2. It is a giant wooden tower surrounded by a mysterious forest floating in the sky.


The Giant Tower is a mysterious wooden tower that is surrounded by a forest of floating trees. The tower extends into the sky, indicated by the various clouds that can be seen in the background. Numerous stone pillars can be seen throughout the tower, and grass and bushes are seen growing on the tower's various floors. A view of the tower can be seen on the Japanese box of Bubble Bobble Part 2, and it can be seen that it is surrounded by a dense forest at its base.


Bubble Bobble Part 2[]

The tower appears as the first world in Bubble Bobble Part 2, as well as the first world that Cubby and Rubby must traverse to reach the Skull Brothers' castle and rescue Judy. The Giant Tower has 20 rounds in total that the player must clear. On Round 10, the player fights Springit, the game's first boss. From Round 11 to Round 19, the sky in the background changes from blue to orange, indicating the sun has begun to set. The final round of the tower takes place in a stone chamber made out of bricks, where the game's second boss, Ruckus, is encountered.