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Giant Crawler is a gigantic version of Crawler. They first appeared in Bubble Bobble Double Shot.

Bubble Bobble Double Shot[]

Round 20

The second boss in the game (fought on round 20) is the Giant Crawler, a bigger version of the crawlers.

It moves similarly to the Crawlers, although it bounces off the edges of the upper screen instead of the walls.

It will spawn crawlers and shoot downwards from time to time during the breaks between each movement.

To beat it, the player has to shoot bubbles at it, although it's not that simple since it's flying on the upper screen. The easiest way to reach it (which is the intended one) is to grab the item which spawns in the middle of the level at its start or when the player dies, turn into Bobblun and shoot bubbles at the smaller Crawlers which are spawned by the Giant Crawler, to turn them into water bubbles. Then, the player need to pop them to make the water flow towards the plants, making them grow of 2 stages. Once they're tall enough, you need to climb on them until you're at the boss' height, and you'll be able to shoot at him. The plants will wither from time to time, going back of 1 stage.

There is a second, harder but faster way in which players can reach it: "bubble climbing". This consist in shooting a bubble, jump on it and while you're on it shoot another bubble and jump on it. Repeat this process until you are at the right height. While this is way harder than the intended way, it is also way faster.

After hitting the boss enough times, you'll defeat it and win the level.