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Gasharn (ガシャーン Gashān?) is a boss in appearing in Space Bust-A-Move. He is a giant crab that dwells on the planet Poseidon.



Gasharn appears as a gigantic bright red crab, though this is implied to be due to anger, and may not be his natural body color. He possesses six legs, as well as two claws, which are attached to his body via a chain of red bubbles.


Gasharn is stated to typically be kind and gentle in nature, only attacking Bub and friends out of fear due to mistakenly believing they are predators.


Gasharn's main method of attack is spitting bubbles from his mouth. He is stated to be able to regenerate his claws after they fall off, a process that takes a few weeks to achieve.


Space Bust-A-Move[]

Gasharn serves as the boss of Poseidon in Space Bust-A-Move. During their quest to retrieve the Cosmo Bubbles, Bub, Bob, and Haruka unknowingly enter his territory. Believing the three to be predators, Gasharn attacks them in rage, though they are eventually able to defeat him.

In-game, Gasharn primarily attacks by spitting bubbles that fill up the screen, requiring the player to clear them before they receive a game over. The player must fire bubbles at his arms, popping the red bubble chains in order to make his claws fall off.


Gasharn's name may come from the Japanese onomatopoeia gashan (ガシャン?), a sound effect used for various kinds of physical impact.