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Fairies (ようせい Yōsei?) are a recurring race of creatures in the Bubble Bobble series. They are small winged creatures found throughout Rainbow Star who possess a variety of magical powers.



Fairies are small winged creatures resembling humans, though they tend to possess delicate, insect-like wings. Most fairies seen appear to be female, though at least one male fairy, Naughty, has appeared in the series.

The Fairy seen in Rainbow Islands appears to have long brown hair, and sports a red strapless dress or leotard of some sort. Conversely, the Fairy in Bubble Bobble Part 2 has short hair and is clad in robes.


Fairies are able to fly via use of their wings. They possess a variety of magical powers, including the ability to change those cursed to be Bubble Dragons back into their human forms, as well as granting magical powers to other


Rainbow Islands[]

Fairies first appear in Rainbow Islands, by way of the Peacock Feather special item. When the player collects the Peacock Feather, it will summon a fairy that flies around them in circles, defeating any enemy it makes contact with.

Final Bubble Bobble[]

Fairies appear in Final Bubble Bobble, once more through the use of the Peacock Feather, behaving identically to their appearance in Rainbow Islands.

Bubble Bobble Part 2[]

A fairy appears in the ending of Bubble Bobble Part 2, shown transforming Cubby back into human form after he rescues Judy.

Rainbow Islands: Putty's Party[]

A fairy named Naughty appears as a major supporting character in Rainbow Islands: Putty's Party. He serves as a companion to Putty, and appears in gameplay if the player collects the Peacock Feather, behaving identically to the fairy from Rainbow Islands.

Naughty's biography reveals that he is the youngest son of a royal family of fairies, though this is a fact he prefers to keep secret.

Bubble Bobble Revolution[]

Fairies appear as special items in Bubble Bobble Revolution, with three different varieties appearing in the game.

Rainbow Islands Revolution[]

Fairies appear in Rainbow Islands Revolution, once again through the use of the Peacock Feather, mirroring their role in the original game.

Bubble Bobble Plus![]

Secret Room 1 Arrange Plus

A fairy statue in one of the Secret Rooms in Arrange mode of Bubble Bobble Plus!.

Fairies play a significant role in the story of the Arrange Mode of Bubble Bobble Plus!, though no actual fairies appear in person. Collecting a series of magical fairy-created items known as the Fairy Tears is required to reach the true ending of the game. By accessing the game's Secret Rooms through the Fairy Doors, the player will come across a message from the fairies, enscribed underneath a fairy statue. Through these, it is revealed that Super Drunk's powers were granted to him by the fairies, as well as a number of hints on how to obtain the game's true ending.


  • Cleon from Puzzle Bobble 4 is referred to with the title of the "Night Fairy", though she does not resemble the traditional fairies featured in other games in the Bubble Bobble franchise, and is stated to be a "spirit of the night".