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Electric Fan (エレクトリックファン Erekutorikku Fan?) is a recurring boss in Taito's Darius series of games. Originally appearing as the boss of Zone B in the original Darius, Electric Fan featured in Rainbow Islands as the boss of the game's Darius-themed world, Darius Island.



Electric Fan is an enormous battleship modeled after a sea anemone, and is purple and gray in coloration. It has numerous mechanical tendrils extending from the "mouth" of the battleship, and has several small appendages at the base of its structure.


Electric Fan is equipped with an arsenal of weapons, with its main form of attack being firing anchor-shaped homing missiles from its tentacles. The "mouth" area of the battleship is equipped with a Diffusion Particle Cannon (拡散粒子砲 Kakusan Ryūshi-hō?), which allows it to fire a series of beams as its secondary offensive technique.



Electric Fan is a battleship created by the mysterious army known as Belsar, and was sent out along with the rest of the army's fleet to attack the planet Darius. It first appeared as the boss of Zone B in the original Darius, and was destroyed by the Silver Hawk squadron. After its initial appearance, Electric Fan went on to reappear in many of the subsequent games in the Darius series, acting as part of Belsar's armada.

Rainbow Islands[]

Electric Fan appears in Rainbow Islands as the boss of the game's ninth world, Darius Island, an island themed after Darius that features numerous enemies from the series. Electric Fan retains its two main forms of attack from Darius, but slowly chases the player around the room in a similar pattern to Super Dracula, as opposed to the circular pattern it traveled in from its original appearance.

Electric Fan does not appear in as the boss of Darius Island the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Rainbow Islands, being replaced by fellow recurring Darius boss King Fossil.

Rainbow Islands Revolution[]

Electric Fan reappears in Rainbow Islands Revolution, once again acting as the boss of Darius Island. It retains its primary methods of attack from the first Rainbow Islands, however, it cannot be harmed by the player's rainbows. Electric Fan's front half appears on the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS, with the back half appearing on the top screen in front of Silver Hawk. The player must dodge the battleship's bullets, and steer Electric Fan into Silver Hawk's shots in order to defeat it.