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Debblun (デブルン Deburun?) is a character appearing in Puzzle Bobble 3. He is a magical costume created by Drunk that serves at the game's penultimate opponent. Like the other characters in Puzzle Bobble 3, he is presented as a character from an arcade game, in his case called Debble Bobble, which is a parody of Bubble Bobble.



Debblun resembles a larger overweight version of Bub. He is dark green in color, and has blue spines as well as a flesh-colored stomach area. His arms and feet are a darker shade of pink, and like most Bubble Dragons, he has one visible tooth in the upper middle area of his mouth. Debblun has blue eyes, and is often seen with a smug or mischievous expression on his face.


Debblun is shown to love food, as seen in his ending in Player vs. Computer mode. He is also shown to be generally aggressive and mischievous, laughing to himself if his opponent receives extra bubbles on their screen. It is unknown if as a magical costume, he has a personality of his own, or if this is merely Drunk playing the role while using the costume.

Debblun's catchphrase is ""Bayonbah!" (「ばよんばー!」 Bayonbā?), a corruption of Bub's own "Payonpah!" catchphrase, serving as a nonsense word he often exclaims in excitement.


Debblun has been shown to use his weight in order to attack foes, such as in his stage intro and in Jack's ending.


Puzzle Bobble 3[]

Debblun appears in Puzzle Bobble 3 as the penultimate opponent in the game's Player vs. Computer Mode. He is presented as the protagonist of a fictitious arcade title known as Debble Bobble. He is a persona created by Drunk to disguise himself, having cheaply put together a magical costume due to a lack of funds leaving him unable to afford the cost of creating another Mechanical Prototype Bubblen.

Before his match in Player vs. Computer mode, he breaks through the ceiling, falling down to confront the player's character. While not playable in the game's arcade version, Debblun was added as a playable character in the console ports of Puzzle Bobble 3.

In Debblun's ending, after defeating all the other characters, he gorges himself on food in order to celebrate. Afterwards, he checks the scale, disappointed in finding out that he had gained weight as a result.


Debblun's name is a combination of "Bubblun" and the Japanese word debu (デブ?), meaning "fat".


  • It is unclear if Debblun is capable of independent movement or thought on his own or not due to his nature as a magical costume, as Super Sonic Blast Man's ending in Puzzle Bobble 3 show him and Drunk collapsed side by side, though this may simply be the empty Debblun costume.