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Darius Island (ダライアスアイランド Dariasu Airando?) is the ninth island in Rainbow Islands. The second of the three final islands is an homage to Taito's horizontal shooter, Darius. The typical cartoon inspired enemies and backgrounds are replaced with slightly more realistic images found in Darius. Every round is full of enemies that have made the transfer from shooter to platform game. Surprisingly, the Darius Islands feature the most unique set of enemies that you have faced on a single island. The background music also comes from one of the stages in the Darius series (such as "Cosmic Air Way (Mountain Area)" and Boss Scene 2).

Enemy list[]

RI RIR Description
Mecha Walker RI.png Mecha Walker Nouko V15.png Nouko V15 Hopping robots jump along the platforms, and occasionally stop to shoot a trio of bullets that fan out for a short distance.
Mobile Tank RI.png Mobile Tank Benser G21.png Benser G21 The car shaped vehicles patrol back and forth along particular platforms, and fire lasers from the turret mounted on their roof.
Robo Sentinel RI.png Robo Sentinel Dachima U11.png Dachima U11 These squid like float back and forth at certain heights, dropping energy bombs below. They rise up if you get too close.
Robotank RI.png Robotank Soido.png Soido The ships that resemble helmets behave a lot like cars, firing orbs of energy forward while they move about.
Glider Ship RI.png Glider Ship Kurodo Ride.png Kurodo Ride Assault ships spin on to the scene, flying on vector to collide with your current position.
Flying Saucer RI.png Flying Saucer File:Waragasu Z17.png Waragasu Z17 As one might expect, the orb shaped enemies bounce off of various platforms continuously. Every now and then, they stop and fire six bullets outward.
Missile Gun RI.png Missile Gun Jitsumi P19.png Jitsumi P19 Turrets remain stationary, attached to the underside of particular platforms, and fire in whatever direction they face.
Batwing Ship RI.png Batwing Ship Milarze.png Milarze The space craft with flapping wings fly onto the scene, and stop to shoot a bullet at you before flying again and repositioning itself for the next shot.

Stage List[]

Round 33[]

Round 34[]

Round 35[]

Round 36[]

The boss is Electric Fan.

Secret Room 9[]

Green Bubble: Rainbows are generated to both sides of the player.

Rainbow Islands Extra[]

In Rainbow Islands Extra, Combat Island's enemies and music replacing Darius Island's enemies and music.

Taito NES/SMS Version[]

Large diamond dialog[]

  • Bobby: Now, I have acquired seven big diamonds. I'll go to the beach.
  • They went to the beach on the island.
  • Bubby: What's that?
  • Oh my. The island has been lifted from the bottom of the sea.
  • Bubby: It should be the island where the evil monster lives.
  • Bobby: Bubby, Lets go there.