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Cynthia (シンシア Shinshia?) is a character appearing in Bust-A-Move DS. She is an apprentice sorceress from the Magician's Forest who has left her home to follow after Drunk.



Cynthia is stated to often be frustrated by Drunk's inability to successfully follow through with his plans. She is childhood friends with Kuno, though the two are implied to have a somewhat tumultuous relationship.


  • The Japanese and English versions of Bust-A-Move DS feature rather different profiles for Cynthia. The Japanese version implies Cynthia to be on at least neutral to friendly terms with Drunk, having left her home to follow after him, while the English version states she has left her home in order to hunt him down. This may be a mistranslation due to the use of the word otte (追って?), which means "to follow", and can be used both in the context of merely following after someone as well as pursing them to hunt them down.