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Cubby (カビー Kabī?), also known as Bubblun Jr. (ばぶるんJr.ジュニア Baburun Junia?), is the main character of Bubble Bobble Part 2. He is the brother of Rubby, and a descendant of Bub and Bob from one hundred years after the events of Rainbow Islands.



As a Bubble Dragon, Cubby appears nearly identical to Bub, being green in coloration with yellow spines, pink arms and legs, and a white stomach area, with a single visible tooth in the upper part of his mouth.

As a human, Cubby greatly resembles Bubby, wearing green overalls and having slightly tousled hair.


Cubby's personality is not expanded upon much, though he is shown to be dedicated to his girlfriend, Judy, and close with his brother, Rubby.


Like most Bubble Dragons, Cubby is able to produce and fire bubbles from his mouth, an ability he utilizes to trap enemies in order to defeat them. Additionally, he is able to charge up his bubbles to perform two different techniques. The first of these techniques allows Cubby to inflate his body like a balloon, allowing him to float upwards and access areas he normally would not be able to. The second allows him to charge and release multiple bubbles at once.


Bubble Bobble Part 2[]

Cubby serves as the main character in Bubble Bobble Part 2, setting out to rescue his girlfriend, Judy, who was kidnapped by the Skull Brothers. After he and his brother, Rubby, are transformed into Bubble Dragons, they set out to rescue Judy, defeating the various monsters that await them along the way. After defeating the Skull Brothers, a fairy returns Cubby to his human form, and he and Judy reconcile.