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Cleon (クリオン Kurion?) is a character appearing in Puzzle Bobble 4. She is a spirit of the night known as the Night Fairy (ナイトフェアリー Naito Fearī?) and the subordinate of Madame Luna. However, she has ambitions to overthrow Madame Luna and claim the title of the conquerer of the night.



Cleon resembles a young girl, and has light blue hair, pointed ears, and purple eyes. She is clad in purple attire resembling that of a jester, consisting of a purple hat with two dangling sleeves, a purple collar with multiple points, a white pointed skirt with a purple fringe, and white boots with a purple fringe and toe area. The tassels at the ends of her hat are also star-shaped, and the hat itself is covered a yellow star pattern.


Cleon is upbeat, cheerful, and talkative, though she can also be a bit mean and mischievous at times. While she works for Madame Luna, Cleon does not appear to harbor much loyalty to her, having ambitions of overthrowing her and claiming her title for herself.


As the Night Fairy, Cleon is able to use a variety of magic, most of which appears to be star-themed. She is able to teleport, as well as conjure magical star-shaped constructs, with her most frequent usage of the latter technique being summoning a large star which she is able to ride on. Her main offensive technique is known as the Meteor Strike (メテオストライク Meteo Sutoraiku?), which appears to involve firing a flash of light from her fingertip. Additionally, she is seen conjuring a thunder cloud in her ending in the console version of Puzzle Bobble 4, though it is unknown if this is due to her use of the Rainbow Bubbles or not.