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Chun-Chun (ちゅんちゅん Chunchun?) is a recurring character in the Puzzle Bobble series. She is a rat incarnate who takes the form of a young girl with her hair in buns.


Puzzle Bobble 2[]

Chun-Chun is the sixth opponent in the Player vs. Computer mode of Puzzle Bobble 2. She is fought in a location that resembles the Great Wall of China. In her cutscene, she twirls around repeatedly, causing Bub to faint.

Puzzle Bobble 3[]

Chun-Chun has a small cameo in Puzzle Bobble 3, appearing as a capsule toy in the background of Priccio's stage.

Bust-A-Move Millennium[]

Chun-Chun is a playable character in Bust-A-Move Millennium. She is fought at the Puzzle Dojo in Story Mode, serving as a trainee under the Bubble Hermit.


Chun-Chun's name originates from chūchū (チューチュー?), Japanese onomatopoeia for the sounds a mouse makes, referencing her status as a rat incarnate.