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Chokkinta (ちょっきんたぁ Chokkintā?) is a character that appears in Puzzle Bobble 2. He is the tenth opponent fought in the game's Player vs. Computer mode.



Chokkinta is a red creature resembling a jack-in-the-box. He has long, thin blue arms, and a pair of giant scissor blades in place of a right hand. Chokkinta has an antenna with a yellow ball at the end, and a spring attached to his head that serves as a neck of sorts. At the base of the spring is a yellow box with wheels that Chokkinta is able to hide the rest of his body inside.


Chokkinta is described as having a gloomy personality, and is said to hide in his box most of the time, waiting for someone to pass by. He is prone to doing this for rather long periods of time, being able to wait as long as multiple years until encountering a passerby.

In-game, Chokkinta is only heard repeating his own name, and it is unknown if he is able to speak coherently beyond this.


Puzzle Bobble 2[]

Chokkinta is the tenth opponent in the Player vs. Computer Mode of Puzzle Bobble 2, and is encountered in Icewall. Before the fight, Chokkinta is hiding in his box, which slides towards Bub. When Bub examines the box, Chokkinta pops out, surprising him and causing him to faint.


Chokkinta's name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia choki choki (チョキチョキ?), which represents a snipping or cutting sound.